We want a high street where all salons don’t discriminate between men’s and women’s prices. Where people are socially responsible and look after their local environment. We want a salon where everyone feels welcome, no matter Sex, race, gender, age or sexual orientation, and to show to all our local salons they can do the same. This is why we are proudly one of the first salons in our local area to offer a gender neutral price list.  We believe that by being a part of the LGBTQ community and the wider community we can all share our individual values and be as creative and free to be who we want to be. We want to feel a part of our community and want our community to feel a part of us. We want to Reduce our plastic waste by offering people the option to reuse their bottles and refill them for a 10% discount, so hopefully other salons can see how easy and profitable it is.  We try to use one towel per client to reduce wasted water. We donate to doctors without boarders because we believe in their non political goal of human rights and we intend to continue our efforts for charity. 

And although we are a small salon we want to be a part of the solution and not the problem. We want to make our home and planet a better place to be for us and our children to be. 


Our Salon

The salon has kept its former occupants 1960’s original wall paper, and we have built a salon around this with a vintage mini bar, old cinema seats, and quirky pictures hung on the wall of great movies like easy rider, American Werewolf in London, and great classic bands like the Doors and Pink Floyd. 

We are purists believing in the beauty of vinyl and have an old Dansette record player to top the experience off, like stepping into a time warp, or as someone put it recently, ‘your grandmas flat!’.

Taking all these elements, we have created a hair collection, the first of many to come, which tries to show appreciation for classic style, rock n roll culture, solid technique, and wearable hair cuts adaptable to our clients.

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