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Cut and Run Hair is a hair salon in Stoke Newington which began as a nomadic hair salon motorcycling around South East Asia. Our boutique hair salon in Stoke Newington, is based in an old cobbled yard along side Bolt London, a motorcycle fashion brand.  Our hair salon in Stoke Newington has now reached its first year.
Tera and David are please to say that their first year has been a success and that they are thinking ahead to new and exciting ideas. Thanks to photographer Dan Bond, our latest shoot has moved in a slightly more daring direction, trying to encapsulate our rock n roll roots and history of both playing in bands and blend it with their love of hair by having them literally eating hair at a banquet.Shot to look gothic, the grainy image of a candle lit feast gives it a ‘Black Sabbath’, 1970’s, ‘metal’ band, album cover feel. It is supposed to be both creative, and tongue and cheek, which is perhaps unusual in the hair dressing world which can at time take itself very serious. Also they have a new logo, designed by Tera and Russell Hardman of ‘Grow a Brain’, which lends itself to a 1980’s horror, ‘Nightmare on Elm Street’, ‘Jaws’ or ‘Carrie’, hand drawn and blood red, which only adds to the nostalgia.




Hair Salon Brands

At Cut and Run Hair Salon based in Stoke Newington we stock Evo products which are a socially responsible, vegan and all natural Australian company.  Our hair colour is provided by the amazing Pulp Riot.  Refreshments are taken care of by the awesome IPA’s from Kona Brewing Company, Big Wave, as well as whishkey cocktails. 

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